Riding Hats

Here at Olivia's World we stock the Kask riding helmet & also Uvex riding hats which both meet the new riding hat regulations.

The new Kask Hat collection designed and made in Italy offers a wide selection of high quality riding hats resulting from rigorous safety tests and innovative technologies which provide the perfect balance between safety, technological excellence, functionality as well as a very attractive design.

The Kask hat conforms to the current VG1 & ASTM riding hat standards necessary when competeing in British Dressage, British Show Jumping & British Eventing.

All our Uvex Helmets meet the requirements for VG1 01.040 2014-12 the latest certification standard for equestrian helmets.

With an injection moulded outer shell and EPS inner shell this creates a highly effective safety combination - impact resistant outside with a shock absoring inside.

This complex construction enables the installation of perfectly placed air vents and channels for maximum safetly and superb wearing comfort.

Every head is different and that is why these helmets feature the IAS system which provides width adjustment. Heads don't only differ in circumference but in height also.

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