Siberian Chic Boots

Whether your look is city, country or chalet chic, cosy up in the Siberian Chic exclusive range of boots for women - the most important addition to your seasonal wardrobe.

By blending the most stylish designs with the most luxurious materials, our women’s boots are comfortable, warm and fabulously glamorous – dramatically dressing up any outfit whilst keeping out the elements. Unlike similar boots ours require little care no harsh chemicals or dry cleaning to maintain their gorgeous look. They are ideal for deep snow, mud and rainy conditions.

These high- performance boots will take you through season after season, after season. Take them skiing, to music festivals, down the stables out in the worst weather - anywhere you need to go.

You won't need a wardrobe of boots when you own a pair from our 'One life, One boot' collection.

Manufactured in the EU and London our products are biodegradable and sourced using sustainable ethical means. Every boot is hand-made and all are individual. No two boots are ever the exact the same. Invest in quality with a pair of Siberian Chic boots. Unlike some other disposable brands, these boots will give you years of comfort and style.