About Olivia's World

Olivia's World is the place to come not only for your practical & technical clothing but somewhere where you can add style & glamour to your wardrobe.

If you enjoy equestrian pursuits, then your whole lifestyle most likely revolves around your love of horses, just like ours does.

So having been a director in a company for the last 15 years in a totally different field I decided it was time to mix business with pleasure and combine my love of horses & fashion. So in Spring of 2016 Olivias's World was born.

By stocking a carefully selected range of garments & accessories from many differnt brands we can all feel fabulous on and off our horses.

You can shop online but alternatively you can visit our boutique for a more personalised experience. We aim to make your visit special with timed appointments so you can browse our ranges at your leisure. We always have the kettle on!!!!

Don't be fooled by the equestrian brands they are just as fashionable as many of the up & coming designers so all fashion conscious ladies are very welcome.

Based on our love of animals all our products are of high quality and are ethically sourced.

We only stock a very small number of each of the fashion products that we lovingly source from designers across the UK and Europe, so when you wear an outfit from Olivia's World you can wear it with confidence, style & individuality.